The ethereal spring filled the world with pastel colours and a bouquet of aromas. Straight after, the summer added depth to colours and the heat enveloped us. In a thicket of lush greenery surrounding the Renaissance architecture there is a pleasant coolness waiting for you and offering a respite in the hottest summer days. Both lazy rest and an intense walk among beautiful patterns painted by the rays of the sun and penetrating through the green umbrella of leaves will be equally enjoyable. The ambitious castle cuisine will make you enjoy the summer to the full with its mature tastes, while the summer treatments available at the SPA by L'Occitane are the guarantee of luxurious relaxation. "Summer moments – as much as happy times – always pass quickly"...  enjoy the happy times this summer at Uroczysko.

This summer the castle SPA is blue and smells of verbena. This fragrant plant with a charming lemon aroma has long been associated with supernatural powers and referred to as a "magical" or "healing" herb. Its lemon scent invigorates and refreshes the senses, chasing away fatigue and worries. Especially for the summer, L'Occitane has created a new edition of the verbena line enriched with a bouquet of herbs. The refreshing properties and toning scents of herbs combine to form a cooling mixture perfect for the summer heat.