This summer the castle SPA is blue and smells of verbena. This fragrant plant with a charming lemon aroma has long been associated with supernatural powers and referred to as a "magical" or "healing" herb. Its lemon scent invigorates and refreshes the senses, chasing away fatigue and worries. Especially for the summer, L'Occitane has created a new edition of the verbena line enriched with a bouquet of herbs. The refreshing properties and toning scents of herbs combine to form a cooling mixture perfect for the summer heat.

Autumn at the castle SPA will be dominated by the precious shea butter. Its revitalising properties will enable you to soften and hydrate the skin tired with sun, and will prepare it for winter challenges. All thanks to the multitude of natural vitamins A, E and F, and high content of the unsaponifiable matter, quickly penetrating to the deepest layers of the skin and restoring its structure. In addition, oils contained in the shea butter have an antibacterial action, help to maintain healthy appearance, and protect from harmful effects of weather – in both summer and winter.